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All about the Soufriere.

The Soufriere (Soufriere Hills) is a stratovolcano located in Monterserrat, a carribean island. A stratovolcano, is the biggest most violent type of volcano. They are know for their huge eruptions. The volcanoes eruption lets out huge pyroclastic flows, tons of burning hot magma spreading at rapid paces. This volcano is currently an active volcano with it’s last eruption only being a few years ago.

The Soufriere's Plate Tectonics

The Soufriere was formed at the junction of the Atlantic tectonic plate and the Caribbean plate. The plate boundary that created this volcano was a destuctive plate boundary, which is near a subduction zone. A destructive plate boundary is where oceanic and continental plates move towards each other. The heavier, oceanic plate is pushed underneath the continental plate. As moves under the continental plate the oceanic plate melts due to the friction in the subduction zone. The crust becomes molten called magma. The magma is then forced to the surface of the earth causing a volcanic eruption.

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Soufriere's Type

The Soufriere is a stratovolcano, with andesite lava. The Soufriere has long term eruptions. That means it has small to moderate ash eruptions, lava dome growth, and pyrocastic flows. Pyrocastic flows are dense destructive masses of extremely hot ash, lava fragments, and gases that are ejected like an explosion out of the volcano. Overall, the Soufriere has very dangerous eruptions.

Soufriere's Effects

The capital, Plymouth was abandoned, and an airport was destroyed because of an eruption. They have one part of the island that is seperated from the volcano that people can visit at certain times. There is no life near the volcano because people evacuated of the eruption. You can visit the island, but only part one side, and only at safe times. The volcano was dormant for 350 years, and erupted again in 1995. The Soufriere started making a new lava dome, and because of its frequent eruptions the lava dome grew. Its last eruption was in 2012. The volcano is very hazardous. It has andesite lava which is very thick and doesn’t flow. It piles up in the lava summit and makes a lava dome. If the dome is unstable and collapses it will make a avalanche of hot lava blocks, gas, and dust. Another hazard is if the dome falls it can make the pressurised magma explode. The ash that is ejected affects human health, and animal’s . Also, if it rains with ash in the air it can create mudslides.
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Montserrat eruption 11-02-10 Soufrière Hills