The Tuscarora Indians

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They lived in long houses and it is made at of wood. They also used tipi for shelter too. They location is the north cintoal new york. They can make long houses conical ,houses , round houses and trips of wood.


There clothes and head bands are made out of bear skin and bear fur and feathers.they used a deer hinds for turbans .buck skin was used for shorts .plants were used for dresses .They used hemp for shirts. They use plants for clothes. There skin is short and long to.

Beliefs and story telling

There where twins and one was a evil spirt. They all belief in one god .They thought that 1 god made winter time if death .They thought that Mother earth goes to sleep .


For crafts they made jewelry out of rocks , corral and shells.
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They all believed in one god. There were twins and one was an evil spirit. When it was winter they thought that Mother Earth went to sleep.They also thought winter was a deadly season.