What's been happening

in the Library in Term 3?

Waterlea School Library

Librarian - Linda Jeffares

Hours 9am - 3pm

Junior School

The Junior School children have been:
  • exploring the Non-Fiction Section of the Library - they have found out about Content & Index Pages.
  • enjoyed some Hairy MacLary books - now that he is 30 years old.
  • introduced to some of Anthony Browne's wonderful books by sharing them as read-alouds and then talking about his style of illustrating.

Middle School

The Middle School students have been:

  • exploring the Non-Fiction Section of the Library - by learning about the "Dewey Decimal System" some of them have become great detectives!
  • introduced to a new sophisticated picture book rich in language and with a conservation theme by New Zealand author Kyle Mewburn titled "Luther and the Cloud-Makers" - the blurb goes like this: "At the end of a wide, green valley lies a secret village, full of laughter and singing ... until one day the clouds come. As the clouds gather, turning day to night, Luther sets out to find the cloud-makers and make them stop, before it's too late".
  • finding out "What's inside an Encyclopedia" - by researching some of the human body systems.

Senior School

The Senior School students have been:

  • looking at the system of how a new book is ready to be issued - from when it is bought by Mrs Jeffares to when it put on the library shelf ready to be issued.
  • exploring some fiction stories by discussing the vocabulary, the author's message and what the story has made them think about.