"The Snake and his Troubles"

Julia Havens


Once upon a time there was a snake. The snake has always dreamed of being able to stand up and not slither everywhere. He first went up to a snapping turtle and asked, "Can you help me stand up?" The snapping turtle looked at the snake for a split second, then turned around and walked into his house. The snake was sad so he decided to ask someone else. Next he went up to a lion. He asked the lion, "Can you help me stand up?" The lion answered, "I've got too many things to do." The snake was sad and wondered if he would ever stand up.

Last, he went to a pig. He asked, "Can you help me stand up?" The pig said, "I'm sorry. I can't help you, but I might have something that can in my garage." The pig came out of his garage with a belt and some stilts for the snake to wrap around himself and walk on. The snake said, "Thank you! Out of three people, you were the only one that helped me. What shall I give you?" The pig answered, "Are you poisonous?" "Yes, but why?" the snake questioned. "We will get revenge on the others that didn't help you." The pig said. Later that night the pig and the snake dropped some poison on the lion and snapping turtle's dinner. Then, the pig and the snake became friends.


Help even when you don't want to.