The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

February 21, 2016 Edition

Important Dates to Note


2/22 - 5th Grade Campfire/DARE Program

2/23 - Spirit Day! 1980's Day!

2/23-2/25 - 5th Grade Family Life

2/26 - Reading Rocks! Assembly

2/26 - K-3 Dyslexia checklists due to Tana

2/29 - 5th Grade Campfire/DARE Program


3/2 - Dr. Smith's monthly visit

3/2 - "Read Across America" Day - HR Buddies switch to read Dr. Suess to class/DEAR. Wear a Suessical hat!

3/2 - HV Night Off!

3/3 - Parents Advisory Council meeting

3/3 - PTO meeting (4th and 5th grade updates)

3/4 - 3rd grade trip to Howell Farm

3/4 - "Reading is No Sweat!" Day - wear sweatshirts/sweatpants

3/7 - Early Dismissal

3/9 - Faculty Council

3/9 - 1st Grade to War Memorial

3/11- "Flip Over Reading" Day - wear your clothes inside out

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1980's Day!

Just a reminder our next Spirit Day is this Tuesday. Check out your closets for some rad 80's gear!
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Reading Rocks Assembly - 2/26

We will be following a Gator Gathering schedule for our "Reading Rocks" assembly this Friday. We will meet in the gym and be called down as we do for other assemblies. The program should last about 45 minutes.

Gator Gathering

8:35–8:55am Homeroom/MM

9:00-9:30am Gator Gathering

9:35 - 10:05am WIN/Academic Choice

10:07-10:58am Period 1

11:01 - 11:52am Period 2

11:55 - 12:46pm Period 3 – Lunch K, 1st & 5th

12:49 - 1:41pm Period 4 – Lunch 2nd,3rd & 4th

1:44 - 2:35pm Period 5

2:38 - 3:29pm Period 6

3:30pm Dismissal Call

Here is the link to their site:!about/cee5

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HV Night Off! March 2nd

Next Wednesday, March 2nd is Hopewell Valley's Night Off! Please make sure that you do not assign homework that evening. All afterschool activities are canceled. This is a time for you to leave work early and spend some QT with your families as well!
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Toll Gate Treasures

From Vikki:

Our first Toll Gate Treasures will be published on February 26th. This is our literary publication of our students' work. We would like for each teacher to submit one or two samples of student work. We do not want a sample for each student. Just one or two from each class.

Different ways to share with me:

1. If it has already been typed in Drive, you or a student can share it with me.

2. You can type something that was handwritten and share or sent to me.

3. You can take a picture of work with your phone or iPad and share with me.

4. You can reply to this email letting me know that you would like me to come to your classroom and take a picture of student work for you.

It doesn't matter which one you choose, just try to get it to me by the end of this week.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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March will be our Reading Spirit Month!

March 2, Wed. - Read Across America Day - Teacher Switch Day (with your HR Buddy class) to share a Dr. Seuss Book and DEAR time. Make sure to wear a Suessical Hat!

March 4, Fri. - Reading is NO Sweat Day - Wear sweatshirts and pants

March 11, Fri - Flip over Reading - Wear your clothes inside out.

March 18, Fri. - Author's Visit - Lisa Funari Willever / Sock it to Reading Day - Wear your mismatched socks.

March 24, Thurs. - Be In-Jean-ious Day - Wear jeans.

April 1, Fri, - Don't be a Fool - READ!- Dress up as your favorite reading character.

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My Circle of Bucket Fillers

This lesson is designed to help your students become more aware of the loving, caring people (i.e. bucket fillers) in their lives. This simple activity can be done alone or in a group, and will fill their buckets as they recognize, appreciate and remember that there are many good people who fill their buckets every day.

With so much frightening, negative news coming into our homes today, a child may easily feel vulnerable and afraid. This exercise teaches a mindful change in perspective that can reassure your students that they have a circle of good people who surround them like a warm blanket or a gentle hug. The goal here is to fill buckets with good feelings and create an ever-present attitude of gratitude for these wonderful bucket fillers.

Here we go -
  1. Ask your students to close their eyes and think of the many wonderful bucket fillers in their lives. Ask them to first think about their family, friends and teachers.
  2. Remind them to consider other people who fill their buckets, for example, a friend's parent or parent's friend, extended family, neighbors, coaches, pets and anyone who fills their bucket. Copy and distribute the page above. (You can also draw a circle surrounded by fewer buckets.)
  3. Tell the students that this page has their bucket in the center and space for twelve of their bucket fillers around them. Ask them to write the name of one bucket filler in the line under each bucket.
  4. Have each student color and decorate their page and add the date.
  5. Display these pages in your classroom to honor these loving, caring bucket fillers. At some point have the children take their special page home where it will help them to remember the circle of a good people who surround them and fill their buckets.

Note to teachers: You might want to consider trying this with your staff, family or group of friends.

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March 7th Inservice Day - LUNCH!

The elementary principals are pleased to prepare and offer the following lunch options to interested staff at the in-service on March 7th:

+ Steve's sausage, peppers and onions with a side of penne pasta and marinara sauce

+ Chris's tossed salad with grilled chicken

+ David's jambalaya over white rice

Each meal will be $7.00 and include bottled water. A slice of Tana's (really Ashton's!) homemade ice cream cake may be included for an additional $1.50. Lunch will be prepared and served in the Stony Brook cafeteria.

Click here to place your order. All orders must be submitted by Monday, February 29th. Please submit your payment (cash only, please) in a sealed envelope with your full name to JoAnn Thomson at HES no later than Wednesday, March 2nd.


Tana, Chris, Steve & David

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Supporting Students to Take Ownership of their Learning

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Check out these tips for YouTube!

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Spring HVEF Grants

You can now submit forms for an HVEF grant! Click here for more details. Think of outside the box, cool things that might work great for your grade level or the building. Shoot for the stars!

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An oldie but remind you why you chose this profession!

10 year old intellect, Dalton Sherman's keynote speech
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Quote of the Week

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Tweet o' the Week

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