The Christmas Truce

The Special Day

The special day is a day that both sides made up and they had fun with each other. when they had fun they also had a burial ceremony, they'd caroled, wished each other a merry christmas/played soccer, lit candles, and exchanged gifts. soccer is actually football but thats what they'd called it back then. after that i don't think they fought ever again. All the events happened really early in the morning and how it started well a german soldier was standing there and wanted to talk to the other side so one of the people from the other side thought they wanted to fight or they were going to shoot them, but that didn't happen they wanted to make up. so they did and they went out and started doing stuff together.

The Christmas Truce

Friday, Dec. 25th 1914 at 2am

No Mans Land


2-2:35am-Burial Ceremony


3-4am-exchanged gifts

4-5am-light candles

5-7am-wished each other merry christmas/played soccer

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