Thing 7 Assessment

By: Patrick Mclearon

Things you should know...

  • The public domain is a site/place where everything is free to use without having to copyright anything.
  • Everything is free for uses after 70 years o the authors death.
  • Creative Commons is a program that lets others use your work as long as they give you credit and don't earn money off of your work unless you give them permission.
  • is a use full site.
  • Copying something without giving credit is plagiarism.
  • The fair use policy is a policy that lets you use a limited amount of someones work for educational purposes.
  • You can use 30 seconds of a song without having to copyright.
  • Also you can use 1000 or 10% of someones written work.
  • Ideas can not be copyrighted unless its written down on something.
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Sources that helped me with this project are: