The Statistical Probabilty

Of Love at First Sight


Jennifer E. Smith


realistic fiction



This book is about a girl named Hadley who has to go to London to be in her dads wedding where he’s getting married to a woman she has never met. When she gets to the airport she misses her flight and gets stuck at the airports. While she’s there she meets a guy named Oliver and they instantly attract to each other. As they were on the plane they lost track of their surroundings and felt as if they were the only people on the plane. When they get off of the plane they kissed and they fell in love with each other but end up going their separate ways.

Book Recomendation

we would recommend this book to people who enjoy love stories and romantic novels.

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Theme Statement

You should learn to forgive and understand.

· When oliver lies to her

· When she has a fight with her mom

· When her dad gets married to someone she doesn’t know


1. Hadley’s dad is getting married to a women she’s never met-External

2. Hadley gets Stuck in Airport-Internal

3. Got in a fight with her mom-External

4. Oliver lies to Hadley saying he’s going to a wedding-External

Main Plots

v Oliver did not want to talk about his family

· Later he learns that he can trust Hadley

v Hadley’s dad gets married

· They talk to each other and make up

v Hadley overheard someone say Charlotte is pregnant.

· She confronts her dad

v Oliver’s dad dies

· He was never a great father anyway.

v Hadley and her mom have a fight

· They make up