Ecology Scavenger hunt

By: TJ Andres and Brady Harrison


This picture is an example of a biotic organism because it is a picture of a plant which is a living organism.


This is an example of an abiotic factor because a thermometer tell temperature which is an abiotic factor.


This an example of a autotroph because it is a plant and plants use energy from light which makes them autotrophs


This is an example of a heterotroph because it is a sculpture of an elephant which is a heterotroph in its environment.

Food Chain

Current Weather

This is a picture of the current weather here in Coppell.

Water Cycle

This is a picture of the water fountain which represents the water cycle.

Nitrogen Cycle

This picture shows the process of the Nitrogen cycle and how it works.

Phosphorus cycle

This is a diagram of the Phosphorus Cycle, it shows how the cycle works and the order.


This is a picture of a mutualism relationship because the bee is getting honey and the flower is happy that the bee is getting rid of the pollen which helps the plants.


This is a example of Commensalism because the Clownfish uses the tentacles of the Anemone to protect themselves from predators.


This is an example of parasitism because the bug is benefiting by getting blood from the human which is its food. The human is being because the human can get sick and even get a disease or die.