Grewenow Gazette

Vol 3.13

June- Last day of School 2020

Grewenow. We are Great; we are Growing!

Farewell for Now

Families, this edition of the Grewenow Gazette will feature "Goodbye for Now" messages to our students from staff members.

We hope you enjoy the reading the messages below.

Have a safe and healthy summer and we look forward to seeing you all again in soon!

Early Education

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Mrs. Velvikis

We're glad we were your teachers,

We've come to love you so.

We can't believe the end is near,

We hate to see you go!

Remember all the fun we had,

In all the things we did,

But most of all remember,

You're a VERY special kid!

Have a wonderful, safe summer!

Love, Mrs. V.

From Mrs. Lesnik

Dear Pre-K friends,

It has been a pleasure being your Pre-K teacher this year! I am so proud of each of you! I know you will continue to do great in school, as you move on to Kindergarten!

Have a safe and fun summer!

Love, Mrs. Lesnik ❤


From Mrs. Chidester

From Mrs. Wtorkowski

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1st Grade

From Mrs. Zons

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2nd Grade

3rd Grade

A message Mrs. Gomez, Ms. Newman and Mr. Smith

4th Grade

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From Mrs. Rabenhorst - 4th Grade

I have enjoyed working with your children and I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch them grow in their learning. I wish everyone a safe and happy summer. Don’t forget to keep reading over the summer. I know the Southwest Library is still available for curbside pick-up and will offer their summer reading program (look on library website for details). If you need any other suggestions or ideas on summer learning activities, please call or email (

From Mr. Dutton

Looking back at our school year, I can’t express enough how proud I am of the growth in academics and character that we made. Thanks for giving your best effort daily and being eager to learn. Have a safe and enjoyable Summer. I look forward to seeing you soon👍🏻

From Mrs. Iwen

Dear Fourth Graders,

I truly enjoyed being your teacher this year and watching you grow as students and individuals. Even though our time together was so regrettably short, you accomplished a great deal and for that I am so proud of each and every one of you. I wish you the very best for the future and that all your dreams come true. I know you will aspire to do great things. Remember to always be kind to others, set your goals high, and take every opportunity to learn new things. May you all have a happy and safe summer.

Mrs. Iwen

4th Grade Slide Show

5th Grade Staff

Dear Fifth Graders,

The end of the school year has come to a close, and even though our time was short, you have learned so much.
We have enjoyed having you in our classes and know you are ready for middle school.

As you move on to middle school, remember these bits of advice: read every day, push yourself to try new things, make new friends and be kind to others.
Believe in yourself, and know that we believe in you.

We hope you remember your fifth grade year at Grewenow with fondness. You’re now off to bigger and better things. We are excited to hear about the amazing things you’ll do. We’re all rooting for you!


Mrs. Geisler, Mr. Shike, Mrs. Rivito and Mrs. Zgorzelski

A Message to the 5 Graders from Miss Pascucci

Hi graduating 5th graders, I am sending you all virtual hugs, and wishing you the best as you move on to Middle school. I know you will all do great!! I am sad I could not see you in person, but know that I am thinking of you all! Come visit Grewenow when you have a day off from Middle school!

The best of luck to all!

Miss Pascucci

From Mrs. Beecher and Ms. Martin

Speech-Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Patrizzi

Farewell from Speech-

Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Patrizzi wish you all a

very happy, healthy, and restful summer!

Soak up the sun!

Play outside!

Eat ice cream!

Enjoy time with family!

Create fun memories!

Have a great summer!!!

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From Mrs. Wideman- School Social Worker

Dear Grewenow students,

I wish I had the opportunity to wish you a wonderful summer in person, but this will have to do until I can see you at school again. Please be safe and have fun! Be kind and grateful for what you have. Try to put yourself in others shoes before judging and always remember to respect each other’s differences. With that said, I think of you often, and truly hope you are all well and safe. If you need anything or just want to reach out please email me at I am looking forward to being at school with you all again.

From Miss. Spracklin

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From Mrs. Sowinski

We Didn't Get to Say Goodbye

Leaving Grewenow thinking we'd return...

We didn't get to say a proper goodbye

Hallways that once echoed life and organized chaos

now silent and empty long for your return.

Classrooms once chattering with learning and laughter

now vacant and hushed awaiting your return.

We will miss our Grewenow family!

Patiently waiting for your return,

We will get to say our proper hellos!

Hallways will be blaring with laughter and stories of summer fun

Classrooms will awaken with new learning and caring for all

We can't wait to see you!

Until this fall!

-Mrs. Sowinski

From Mrs. Becker

Farewell For Now

I have known most of you since Kindergarten

Farewell For Now

You are off to Great Places

Today is Your Day

Your Journey is Waiting

Farewell For Now

Make a lot of Good Friends

Gather and Make Many Memories

So , Get On Your Way…

Farewell For Now

It’s never Good-bye

Farewell, Ciao, all the best, cheerio, ta-ta , take care,

Mrs. Becker

( Inspired by Dr. Seuss – The Places We Go )

Mrs. Landwehr

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy summer! Can't wait to see all of your smiling faces again. I miss you all!

Mrs. Landwehr

From Mrs. Briese

Wishing all of you a safe and healthy summer! Looking forward to Grewenow having staff and students back together in our building.

Mrs. Briese

From Ms. Ozimek (Ms. "O") - Parent Liaison

Dear Students,

It saddens my heart that we did not get a chance to properly say goodbye and finish the school year together. I miss our conversations in the lunch room and hearing "Hi, Ms. O" when I walk down the halls.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer! Make sure to get plenty of sunshine, laugh often and I'll see you soon!

Grade 5 Celebration (Mr. Sellenheim)

Grewenow Elementary School Grade 5 Class of 2020 Celebration
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