I am from the windy streets of chicago

from my feet to my head

I am from young, happy and innocent

I am from a family of tiny feet

I am from curly, messy hair

To behing untangled and free

to growing bigger

From An evil birthday

to An evil life

I am from a crazy family

to my family doing crimes

I am






to maturing into my lemon shoes

from hearing hobos

to hiding my feelings

from Minervas poems

to advice from life

I am from the kids ignoring me on the street

To the pretty pink toes of my foe

From the gated

patch of grass

in my yard

To the monkey garden we play in

I am from losing my innocence

from growing up into reality

I am from waiting with the clowns

to fooling around with the boys

I am from Mango street,


Main idea was to show how ruff her life was till she took it in her own hands to do something about it, Example her getting her own house to do whatever she wants or needs. In the start it clearly says that she has a ruff life she grew with and that she had to deal with everything on the mango street especially all the kids and her family. Because the actually book leads you with that contrast till the end and it opens up more and she grows up and buys her own stuff to keep her hopes up that she can leave one day and have her own life.

my key idea at the beginning was to show that she is growing up and maturing.

For example she says “I am from young, happy and innocent ” to the end of “a family of tiny feet”. These sentences show contrast by her growing up in the beginning to being fully grown at the end, “I am from young, Happy and innocent” “I am from lemon shoes to growing up in them”. The middle shows that she is growing up and losing innocence more and more by being shown to these harsh environments.

To show that she made it through the world and she can see more and be free. That she escaped the grasps of Mango street. “I am from growing up into reality, and losing my innocence. It creates a turning point because the whole story basically tells you about how harsh everything is and how everything is kinda against her but it shows that she makes it through and she doesn't have to deal with that anymore and she can live on her own and be free.

Its very disappointing at the beginning and very unexpected, It tells you all the bad things that she goes through near the start but then lightens up because she is growing up. In the middle it explains more of how she is losing more innocence by the time of her staying on mango street, and It shows how she is growing up slowly with the whole neighborhood. In the end it lightens up because she pulls through with her crazy life and makes it to the end so she gets told about her getting an apartment and her being free from the trapped life she had on mango street.