Raymonds Run!

By: Toni Cade Bambara


Raymond has a rare disorder, He is being taken care of by his sister Squeeky who is small but not afraid to fight. Her rival is Gretchin who always makes herself out to be better than she is. For example she told squeaky she will beat her at the race even though she wont. Well there is a big race that squeeky is practicing for with raymond that Gretchin also wants to win. On the day of the race Squeeky wins the race not by alot but there was no doubt that she didnt win. She sees Raymond running and decides to be less competitive and teach Raymond how to run and maybe have gretchen help her.


I think that if this story was to countinue that Squeaky and Gretchen would become great friends but still have that drive to beat eachother. Raymond would become a great runner, just as good as Squeaky, and the ones who get him there would be gretchen and queaky! I wish the story was contiuned so i could find out!

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