Minimum State Requirements

Michigan Auto Insurance

How Are Insurance Rates Determined?

  • Driving record
  • The vehicle that is being driven by the individual
  • Where the individual lives
  • Annual mileage
  • Driving record
  • Age

Example: Molly has a driving record that states 2 months ago she was pulled over by a police officer and received a ticket for going 25 miles over the speed limit. Her premium rate is now locked in at 10 percent compared to Toby's premium rate, which is at 6 percent because he has a clean driving record.

How To Find The Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Michigan?

  • Owners of passenger vehicles, vans, and trucks must purchase no-fault insurance before registering their vehicle
  • Required coverages include bodily injury/property damage, personal injury protection, and property protection insurance
  • If you want your insurance company to cover damage to your vehicle or theft, you have the option to carry collision coverage and comprehensive coverage
  • Keep your no-fault insurance certificate in your vehicle or carry it with you when you drive
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How Do You Control Your Premium Costs?

  • Be a cautious driver when you are behind the wheel
  • Keep a clean driving record
  • Get good grades while in school
  • Insure multiple cars together
  • Buy a vehicle with approved safety features


The end results could be getting discounts on your premiums through your insurance company.