Hatchet Survival Skills

Made by: Illandria Ellison

Survival Skills

What happens if you get lost in the wilderness surrounded by forests? You remember your survival skills! There are 10 survival skills. 1)Don't Panic. 2)Look for shelter. 3)Don't drink caffine unless that is all you have. 4)Conserve heat and body fluids. 5)Protect Yourself. 6) Take an inventory. 7) Review your long-term problems. 8)Make a signal fire. 9) Don't listen to fear in your mind. 10) Get lots of things so you dont run out.

What NOT To Do

Please do NOT do these things:

1) Panic

2) Wander Around


3) Go Anywhere Unprepared

Why do we need these tips?

We need these tips so if we crash-land in the wilderness we are prepared. And you can go camping too.