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Parent Newsletter, LVES 2022-2023, Edition14, Nov. 4, 2022


Lunch Visitor Protocols

If you would like for someone to be able to visit your child for lunch, here are the steps to follow:

1) Click on the Signup Genius posted later in the newsletter and sign up for a time using the name of the person who will be eating with your child.

2) Make sure that this person is listed on your Parent Portal as having the Right to Transport. This helps us ensure that you are ok with this person spending time with your child outside of your presence. To do this: Login to your Parent Portal, Click on the Registration button under your child's picture, Click on #2 Contact Information for Parents/Guardians, if the person you would like to eat with your child is already listed, ensure that Right to Transport is clicked. If not, click Add Contact and be sure to click Right to Transport.

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Barn Hill Animal Preserve Program on Friday, Nov. 11

On Friday, all students who have returned a permission slip (they are included below and were also sent home in Friday folders today) will get to attend an animal show! We will get to learn about different animals and how we can help to conserve and protect them! There is an opportunity for purchase, but it is not required for participation.
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Lago Vista Elementary is excited about UIL! Sign-up sheets will be posted at the Elementary campus on November 9, and students can begin signing up for events in which they would like to compete.

Sign-ups will remain open for a week, and practices will begin after Thanksgiving Break. The coach of each event will notify students and parents of their practice/try-out schedule. Practice times for some events will be integrated into the school day, and others will require after school practices.

This year, our UIL meet will look different than in past years. We will not be traveling to another school district for our competition. Instead, we will hold our own Lago Vista Elementary UIL Meet during the school day on Thursday, February 9, 2023 for Grades 2-3 at the Elementary campus. More details will be provided at a later date.

Please discuss UIL with your children and encourage them to try-out for the event (or events) that interest them. You can also visit the UIL website for details regarding each event.


2nd Grade Creative Writing

Coach: Leslee Arredondo

2nd Grade Storytelling

Coach: Jenifer Brown

3rd Grade Spelling

Coach: Alicia Mendoza-Guajardo

3rd Grade Storytelling

Coach: Jenifer Brown

3rd Grade Music Memory

Coach: Kathie Voisinet

3rd Grade Ready Writing

Coach: Kerri Walker

Party Season is Upon Us!

We will have our first class party on December 15th. If you would like to attend your child's party, please make sure you have completed a background check well in advance of the date. Here is the link!


Completed applications can be emailed to hjackson@lagovistaisd.net or printed and dropped off at the Lago Vista ISD Administration Building.

From the Nurse:

PLEASE send an extra set of clothes in your kids' backpacks. All grades- spills happen too!

Lunch with Parents Clarification

We are so happy that we are able to have parents on campus this year to eat lunch with our students. It is one of the things that I know all of our students look forward to.

**Due to parent concerns, and the fact that a background check is not required to visit for lunch, parents will only be able to eat with their own personal children at lunch in the designated parent lunch area. Also, please do not take pictures of any children that are not your own. Thank you for helping us keep this awesome tradition going!**

Lunch Delivery for Students

If you are delivering lunch for your child, please do so by 10am. Due to lack of staff availability for deliveries and the busiest time of day for the front office, we cannot deliver your child's lunch after 10am.

Veterans Day Tribute at Lago Vista High School to feature 3rd grade Lago Vista Elementary Students

This year the 3rd graders will be performing for our Veterans and our community on November 11th at 10:00am at the Lago Vista High School Gym.

In Performing Arts class they have developed and practiced a unique percussion routine, a marching cadence, and rehearsed a beloved American song.

Please join us as we honor the Veterans on this special day!

"Have you heard of the Lago Vista ISD Education Foundation?

We have been around for many years and are a foundation that fundraises to give grants to educators in our district. Those grants fund equipment and supplies for students. Lago Vista ISD students are the direct beneficiaries of all of our efforts.

We are currently looking for community volunteers to help with our Giving Tuesday Campaign. You can learn more about how to help and who we are at our website, https://www.lvisdeftx.com , or by emailing lvisdeftx@gmail.com.

When LVISD students thrive, our community does too!"

From the Nurse...

Medication Procedures:

If your student is needing any medication while at school, the nurse MUST have the medication permission form with the requested medication. All Over The Counter medications must be in a new, unopened container and not expired. Any RX medications need to be discussed with the nurse prior to use at school.

If you have any questions, you can reach her at:


google voice text: 512-222-7144

office phone: 512-267-8300 xt: 4505

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Front Door Hours

Just a reminder that our front doors are open to parents from 7:45-2:45. If you are making a delivery, please do so during those hours. For safety reasons, we will not answer the door before 7:45am.

Free and Reduced- Price Meal News

As a reminder, LVISD transitioned back to Free and Reduced-Price Meals for the 22-23 school year. The federal government is no longer funding the free lunch program, which was part of the COVID-19 pandemic aid package. All families are encouraged to fill out the Free and Reduced-Price Meals applications. If your child previously received free or reduced-priced meals, a new application must be received to determine if your child still qualifies. Previous free and reduced-meal eligibility has now expired. You can fill out the Free & Reduced Meal application online at MySchoolApps by clicking on the following links:

For questions regarding applications, please contact Michelle Jackson, and for questions regarding student purchases, please contact Jennifer Porter.

Our Week In Pictures

1st grade had a great Social Studies lesson this week that Mrs. Ramsey prepared about voting.

We held an election and the students marked their votes on a ballot. We tallied the votes and My Teacher won by a landslide!!

GT Robotics Partnership

Check out this great collaboration between first grade GT students and high school Robotics students. They were presented with a problem (A boy wanted to say good morning to his friends, but he was too small, and just got lost in the crowd everyday.) The challenge was to build a waving machine so Leo could say good morning to his friends before they went to class. They followed steps in the Lego Education app to build the waving machine, then created a program to make it wave.

Having Fun Dressing Up!

Picking your child up early?

Be sure to have your driver's license with you at all times. Even if you are in the raptor system just in case. Please plan on arriving before 2:45pm to pick up your student. You may email your student's teacher to let them know if you're picking up early so that they can be sure to have their things packed up before that time. You may not email teachers to send students to the front office at a certain time. For safety, parents must sign out their student on Raptor and have your ID scanned. Mrs. Kuske (Marcy) will then verify that you are authorized and call for your student. If you need assistance please pickup the phone in the foyer.

Thank You Thursdays!

Introducing a day to show our Teachers appreciation by helping make their job just a little easier. If you would like to help in a Teacher's classroom, Thank You Thursdays will be the day! Here are the steps that must be followed if you wish to participate:

1. All visitors in the building must have a background check when we have students in the building. Please print and complete this background check ahead of time and deliver to the Administrative Building at 9039 Bar-K Ranch Road. Once cleared:

2. Reach out to the Teacher/s via e-mail for any help they might need.

3. Coordinate a time to come in on Thursday.

Thank you for supporting our Teachers!

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning is a new specials class that has been added this year. It is taught by Mrs. O'Brien and students rotate through it along with PE, Art, and Performing Arts. Mrs. O'Brien teaches the following big ideas: responsible decision making, relationship skills with peers, self-management, and social awareness. Each class will meet with Mrs. O'Brien once a week. Classes focus on age appropriate lessons like what does it mean to be a good friend, conflict resolution, and nurturing a culture of kindness at school.


All grade levels will learn about Growth Mindset.

K- the elastic brain, how our brain grows and learns

1st- understand the difference between growth and fixed mindset

2nd- how to embrace and grow through mistakes, challenges, and failures

3rd- effort and perseverance

Lunch Sign-ups

We are happy to invite parents to eat lunch with their child again this year! Thanks to our new and improved lunchroom, we are able to offer more slots for parents, but we still have to have sign ups for safety and security purposes. I have limited sign ups for each parent to 3 per semester just to ensure that everyone who wants an opportunity to come eat with their child gets one.

Please see a staff member in the cafeteria if you are surprising your child so that we can help you locate him/her.

PK/K Lunch Sign Up


1st Grade Lunch Sign Up


2nd Grade Lunch Sign Up


3rd Grade Lunch Sign Up


Daily Schedule

7:20 Doors open, breakfast is served

7:35 Teachers begin welcoming students into class

7:45 Tardy bell rings, breakfast closed

9:25 Attendance Time

10:45-11:15 PK/K Lunch

11:20-11:50 1st Grade Lunch

11:55-12:25 2nd Grade Lunch

12:30-1:00 3rd Grade Lunch

3:20 Dismissal

Thank You to All of Our PTO Business and Individual Sponsors! Please Support these Businesses that Support Us!

Elite Business Sponsorship

Austin Pergolas http://www.austinpergolaco.com/

Infrastructure Recruitment Group http://www.irgtalent.com

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FSG Construction Group https://foamsalesgroup.com/

Hatch Agency Real Estate https://www.hatchagencyre.com/

Kuske Agency- Farmers Insurance https://agents.farmers.com/tx/lago-vista/arlene-kuske

Waterloo Auto Spa

New Heights Garage Training

Northlake Heating and Cooling https://www.northlakeheatingandcooling.com/

The Hamilton's

Lakeside Subs https://www.lakesidesubs.com/

Younger Homes https://www.younger-homes.com/

Ranch Road Jewelry https://ranchroadjewelry.com/

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Leander Eye Care https://leandereyecare.com/

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Teifka Real Estate https://joshparker.teifkerealestate.com/

Gold Business Sponsorship

Local Oaks Tree Services https://localoaks.com/

Premier Cleaning

North Shore Eye Care https://www.northshoreeyecare.net/

Urban Air & Heat LLC https://www.facebook.com/urbanairandheat

Silver Sponsorship

Addicted to Glamour https://www.facebook.com/AddictedToGlamour

The Beanstalk Consignment Shop https://www.thebeanstalk.net/

Chirofit Wellness Center http://chirofitwellnesscenter.com/

Halls Roofing & Sheet Metal, INC www.hallsroofing.net

Northshore Outdoor https://www.facebook.com/NorthshoreOutdoorLago

F45 Cedar Park https://f45training.com/cedarpark/home

The Center for Recovery and Reconnection, LLC https://www.recoveryandreconnection.com/

PTO Member Donors


Sam and Jessica Adamo

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Boules Family

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The Parra Family

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JV Dougherty Construction

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Volunteer Opportunity

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Stay Alert System

StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors, suspicious activities, bullying, acts of violence, harassment, and a host of other potential disruptors to school safety. Reportable information will be forwarded in a timely manner to a pre-designated school official for review.

Community Opportunities

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