Poetic Justice

Poetry Contest on Evironmental Violence Today

Poetic Justice

In today's society violence surrounds many of us on a daily basis. Describe in 50 words or more the current experiences in your environment. Do you live in a peaceful or violent environment. If violent definitely express what you see, hear or know about the violence and negative situations going on around you and/or how you can triumph from them.

Entries are due by December 11, 2015

Each participate will have the opportunity to work on their entry during their English class period. Artwork and/or pictures can be included with the entry.

Judges will announnce a winner on December 18, 2015 during the winter assembly.

For futher information and details contact:

Contest Advisors

Henderson counselors
Mrs. White (ISSP)
Mrs. Vekissa Wilson (Literacy Specialist)
This contest is to promote non-violence in our communities in central Arkansas.

Project Headquaters: Henderson Science and Technology Middle School