Nathaniel Hawthorne

By: Zach Holmes


- Born on July 4th, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts

-Died on May 19th, 1864

-Father died at the age of four of yellow fever

-Enrolled at Bowdoin college in 1821, but wasn't interested in any profession so he studied the basics, and graduated an average student in 1825

-Spent time in Salem after college reading and writing at the local library and his moms house.

-Wrote "Twice Told Tales" in 1837

-In 1839 he worked at the Boston custom house gauging/ weighing salt and coal

-Met Sophia Peabody in 1838 and married her in 1842

-Hawthorne and Sophia moved to Concord once they were married

-Wrote the famous book "The Scarlett Letter" in 1850

-Wrote many more books until his death in 1864 while on a trip with President Pierce

Nathaniel Hawthorne