Camino Real Elementary School

Measure EE Bond Projects

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Classroom LED Lighting Upgrades (Prop 39)

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OpTerra Energy Solutions removed and replaced 466 old 2' x 4' light fixtures with energy efficient LED Troffer Kit fixtures.

Exterior LED Lighting Upgrades (Prop 39)

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Over a hundred exterior lights were removed and replaced with energy efficient LED light fixtures

High Efficiency Transformers (Prop 39)

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OpTerra Energy Solutions removed and replaced 2 aging inefficient transformers at Camino Real ES with new high-efficiency transformers custom built to meet existing space and connectivity requirements.

Camino Real Digital Gateway Initiative

About the project

Jurupa Unified has launched a Digital Gateway Initiative, which means that each student in grades 2nd through 6th at Camino Real is equipped with a Chromebook to take to and from school. Each Chromebook is monitored and filtered to protect students while online. Digital Gateway is funded by short-term financing proceeds from Measure EE, the facilities bond that district voters approved in November 2014. The bond costs related to the Chromebooks will be fully paid during the life of the devices.

Digital Gateway will:

  • Increase student engagement and productivity through personalized learning and equal access to technology.
  • Extend and expand learning beyond the school day - anytime, anywhere learning 365 days a year, 24/7.
  • Provide all students with 21st century tools and relevant learning experiences.
  • Increase 21st century skill development in collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, digital literacy, and global awareness.


Launched - August 2016

Digital Gateway Video

Camino Real Wireless Network Upgrades


About the project

Modernization of Camino Real's wired and wireless network infrastructure, replacing aging cables, and installing new wireless access points.

Wireless Network Upgrades will:

  • Preserve high-speed internet access for every student in every classroom
  • Ensure more stable, reliable internet service throughout the school day
  • Provide internet service up to 10 times faster than the speed of the network being replace


Completed - July 2016