VanderWall/Wedick's ELA Class

Week of 8/22-8/26

Last week in Greyhound ELA

We kicked off our Unit 1: Informational Text by introducing our theme for the unit. Greyhound students are going to learn "How to Survive the Real World".

We started off by playing a game called Spent ( to see if they could make it through the month without running out of money. We also drew for jobs. We'll be working through different activities that have to do with their salary, marital status, and number of kids over the next few weeks.

Learning how to fill out a job application

Progress Reports are going home today.

Be on the look out for a progress report going home today. They need to have it signed and returned to school by Friday, August 26th.

Some grades may be a little lower than expected. Our open notes grammar quiz over Parts of Speech, Subject and Verb, and Dependent/Independent Clauses defeated some students, but never fear! Students will be allowed to complete test corrections for their missed questions. We are discussing that in class today.

Writer's Notebooks

We are starting something new on the Greyhound Team this year. Each and every student has a Writer's Notebook. Each quarter, the students will be given a list of twenty writing prompts. They will write about nine of them (one a week). Writer's Notebook entries will be due every Tuesday, and they will be recieving their notebooks back by Wednesday or Thursday. This gives them the majority of the week to complete the next writing prompt.

Writer's Notebook entries are considered an Assessment grade and are each worth 15 points.

Meet Ms. VanderWall and Mrs. Wedick

Upcoming Dates

Monday, August 22nd - Library Day, Vision Screenings

Thursday, August 25th - Giant Bucks Store

Friday, August 26th - Stem List 11 Test

Friday, September 30th - AR Points are due (every student should have 20)