The Jewelry Update


The fabulist jewelry

I am researching types of things on jewelry and I decided to make this piece of writing. So first of all I love jewelry and my dad's friend does to but I didn't get any information from him. I got it online from informational websites

According to Susan

According to Susan you have to go to certain places where people mine

Mesh Baltimore

Wow these websites really worked

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Question number two

According to one of the websites jewelry can be made of all sorts of stuff like metal, minerals, glass, plastic, wood, coral, ect.

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Question number three

Hmmm, I wonder what tools they use to create jewelry

Oh! I know I was just on a website last night and I totally forgot, now I know. There's five that you use 1.wire cutters 2.round nose pliers 3.chain nose pliers 4.flat nose pliers and last but not least number 5. A crimp tool

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Question number four

What kind of jewels do they use to make jewelry okay now I know this correctly it is give me a drum roll please. . .

So much but it is agate, black onyx, coral, emerald, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, pearl, ruby, sapphire, and topaz

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Question number FIVE

Hey do you know when jewelry was invented, cause I do they were invented by prehistoric men CAN'T YOU BELIVE IT!!!!!!

Well I can it's just SO cool but you know they didn't made it with gems or jewels they made it with bones and rocks, so that's all for today hope you enjoyed IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!