Farmers and Farm Life

Rachel Wooten


A few ( hundred ) years ago, things weren't so simple on a farm. First of all, for some reason farm life seemed better than city life. Next, what's the life of a farmer like? Then, did you know that families had to work together on a farm well, they did. Lastly, if you want to know more, keep reading to find out more!

Farm Life Seemed Better Than City Life

This paragraph will be about the differences in farm and city life. In a city there was crime , bad housing, poor or no sewage systems, and badly run run jails. The poor and sick people weren't treated good.The former were treated like criminals/whipped in public, and were driven out of town. Even religious leaders didn't help the less fortunate. All of the misfortunes for a family were known as " God's Punishment". The reason farm life seemed better was, none of these things happened on a farm. Now farm life seems pretty good.

The Life of a Farmer

Although there were some luxurious things on a farm it wasn't all easy. First things first, life on a farm was not easy. Any of the outside help was from indentured servants and slaves. The farms almost relied on outside help. A farm had always been a beehive of activity, for example: maybe one person had to harvest corn, another churn butter, and someone else might need to make dinner for the family. Every farm was like this from dawn to dusk, day to night. Life on a farm seems pretty harsh doesn't it?

How Families Worked Together on a Farm

Reading this paragraph will help you understand how families worked together. Families had to cooperate well, if they didn't the whole farm would go downhill. Sometimes you had to help a family member or, they had to help you with work. Sometimes you would get an "assigned" job. Maybe you would harvest corn or churn butter for an assigned job, who knows. Sometimes you got the easiest job or an older sibling did. Even your parents could have the easiest! Now you know how families worked together on a farm. { in colonial times of course }


In conclusion, my writing was about farmers and farm life. You now know that farm life was indeed better than city life. The life of a farmer was pretty good. A family cooperated well on a farm to keep things going smooth. This was my nonfiction writing on farmers and farm life. I hope you learned a lot.


Cooperate/ Cooperated - worked together well

Former - people who used to be in jail or prison

Indentured Servants - people who worked for someone else for a certain number of years

Luxurious - very comfy and expensive

Misfortunes - something bad that happened


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