Math Study Buddy Tutoring

"We are your study buddies on your time and on your dime."

We Offer Individualized Tutoring

Study Buddies are mobile tutors, who will come to your school, library, coffee shop, home, or anywhere else where you feel comfortable. This arrangement is especially beneficial to students, who have children, and can not always arrange childcare. Most importantly, you don't have to share your study buddy with anyone. When we are on your dime we work for you on your time.

Our service include, but are not limited to

We serve Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas! We can meet with you anyplace and anywhere in the area. Our tutoring is mobile

We are Math Study Buddy Tutoring

Please go to our website and fill out the quick form. We are always monitoring. Allow up to a half hour for one of our Study Buddies to contact you. You may also visit us on Facebook.

Other services

  • Number theory
  • Geometry
  • Pre-calculus
  • ASVAB Exam Preparation
  • GRE Exam Preparation
  • F-CAT Preparation
  • English Language art
  • Reading
  • Advanced Placement Courses