Beet Street Juicery

A cold-press Juice & Smoothie bar coming to Fort Wayne!

Join us in bringing Beet Street Juicery to downtown Fort Wayne!

Beet Street Juicery Fort Wayne IN

why beet street juicery?

My mission with Beet Street Juicery is to improve the present way communities eat and drink. Finding healthier options for us, our children, and their children that will support their bodies for years to come.

Beet Street Juicery has been a dream of mine since my father passed away with cancer last year. I only wish I knew everything I do now, four years ago. But my Dad left me with a purpose when I thought it had left with him. That purpose has turned into a burning desire to simply help people. To help people discover that Healthy can be Simple, affordable, and convenient. We don't have to sacrifice an arm and a leg to feel healthy! And with Beet Street around the corner it won't be!

Our menu will consists of easy options that will help you meet and maintain your health goals. Juices will be cold-pressed, allowing storage for up to 4 days without losing vital nutrients and enzymes, smoothies made on the spot, and snacks that meet dietary restrictions so many face today. Fun, delicious options for the Mini Me's and even a treat menu for pets!

this is where we extend our hand to you

We're asking for your help in making Beet Street Juicery come to life through our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Campaigns on Kickstarter are all or nothing. With your support we can reach our campaign goal to purchase our cold-pressed juicer, equipment, and materials necessary to open our doors. Find the breakdown on our Kickstarter page.

As a Backer you'll receive awesome rewards for giving what you can! If you are unable, we merely ask that you share our campaign with your network of friends, family, and anyone who would love the idea of Beet Street Juicery being available to them in downtown Fort Wayne.

If we are able to double our goal amount, we will invest in two refrigerated mobile systems to provide delivery services to downtown and outlying areas of Fort Wayne.

Mobile systems will become vital during winter as we tend to hibernate more. This way we can ease the stress and provide businesses and patrons with juices and foods for a small delivery fee. And yes, it will be doable with my husbands mad winter driving skills!



Simply put, our bodies need different nutrients at different times of the year, and we want to make sure you get them, all year round! Nowadays we don't receive close to half the serving of veggies & fruits our bodies need in a day. We would end up getting lockjaw from chewing all day long! Juicing allows us to easily and quickly drink that full serving at any time of the day, and create happy healthy bodies!

Also share the coming of Beet Street with those in need of raw supplementation. Whether they are fighting an ailment or have never been able to eat veggies due to digestive disorders. Juicing has been shown to correct digestive disorders, later making it possible to breakdown fibers in vegetables and fruits. My husband, Nathan, has crohns and is now able to eat almonds, salad, and veggies raw! Foods he once had to stay away from.


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lets together make this happen

Have ideas for spreading the word? Know someone I should converse with? I am all ears so please share any additional ways for me to reach this goal for our community.
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