Lincoln Agenda

May 16-20, 2016

What's Happening....

Monday, May 16-

STAFF Wear your jeans and gym shoes - Be ready to Walk!

Lincoln Lap-a-thon 9:00-11:00

Grades K-2 9:00-9:30 in the gym for Nutrition and Fitness Discussion, then 9:30-10 for outside walk and cool down.

Grades 3-5 9:35-10:05 in the gym for Nutrition and Fitness Discussion, then 10:05-10:35 for outside walk and cool down.

All students receive water, a banana, and a pedometer. Thank you Lincoln PTO!

Tuesday, May 17

8:05 Butter Braid Sorting & Pickup-If you are free, please come join us!

Perez Field Trip

Grade 4 Mapping

Grade 5 Luncheon with Jane Ball - Great Oaks

2:45 Melissa meets with PTO

3:30 PTO Meeting

Wednesday, May 18

8:05 4th grade meeting in conf room - Melissa and Marcie

9:00 Show Choir for 4th and 5th Grade in Gym

Grade 5 mapping

Koontz Field Trip

Talent Show Practice

Thursday, May 19

8:05 Horace Mann - in library - They have freebies for teachers if you are interested.

Wheelchair Basketball

Luna Field Trip

Grade 3 & 4 Concert, 6 PM

Friday, May 20

Grade Level Meetings

1st Grade Field Trip

8:00 Parent Conference - Melissa and Renee

10:30 Parent Conference - Melissa and Renee

Melissa out in afternoon


MAY events

5/23-Paws redemption

5/23 ROCKET Blast Off 8:55

5/24 3RD Grade cookie sales during lunch

5/24-Paws redemption

5/24-Talent show-6 pm

5/25 Parade of Graduates 10:00

5/25-Gr 2 field trip, Wendella boat trip, 930-2pm

5/26-DARE graduation, in gym

5/26-Donuts with Dad in first grade,

5/27-Field Day,

5/27-Teachers input 4Q grades

5/30-No School, Memorial Day

5/31-Report Cards printed

6/01-Report Cards printed

6/01-Fifth grade social, 3:30-5 (sponsored by PTO)

6/03-Kindergarten graduation, .

6/03-Annual moving up ceremony in gym,

6/06-Records Day

6/14-School Board Meeting


May 2-20 Spring F & P Benchmarking - Please enter levels on Google Doc

May 2-23 Cogat Testing Grades K, 2, 5

May 9-27 STAR Testing - Please enter scores on Google Doc

Evening Event Times

FYI - Next year, all evening events will begin at 6:30 PM. This is at the request and approval of the School Board. There is an exception of Kindergarten Orientation, since we do need our students to be home and in bed early. Here is the calendar for next year so you can start planning. :)

Thank Yous

Thank you to Gretchen for attending the ECD case conferences with me, and for Elsa for translating!

Thank you to Alicia for taking charge when I was out. :)

Thank you to Meryl for being the sole office staff member during the crisis training.

Thank you to Jen, Paulina, Natalie, Tami, and Christina for being sure our students have a great transition to the Middle School.

Thank you to Tiffini, Christina, Kim, and Marcie for attending the Crisis Training at Jane Ball. Hoping to bring this information to everyone next year!

Summer School

If you have a student who is not currently Tier 2 or 3 that you feel is in need of summer school (Jump Start) please let me know.

Summer School teaching positions will be assigned soon. If you have not applied, either for IREAD or for Jump Start, please do so.


We will be updating the inventories that we completed last year as far as textbooks that are on hand, including workbooks. If you have materials that you no longer need, please hang on to those, but be ready to inventory those so we can get dispose of them appropriately.