Polluted Trinity

Pollution in the Trinity River

Our River, Our Life

The Trinity River was ranked the 3rd most polluted river in Texas, being known as The River of Death, with about 912,685 lbs. of litter and about 657 lbs. of toxic discharge found in the river. Over the years these things have been getting better, but the problem is still that pollution is being put in the river. We need to help put an end to this problem. This problem is harmful to the organisms in the water and to the people that rely on the river. This is also a problem for the other cities that have the Trinity River run through them.

How does it get to the Trinity River

When we wash the oil away after changing a car, we think that it will just go away or go to a treatment plant, but that is not always true. When it rains, the oil goes down through the sewage drains. After going throw the drain and all the pain It goes straight to the Trinity River and it harm the organisms in the river.

How We Can Help

We can all help out with this problem no matter how small the task is. Instead of just walking by trash on the floor we can help by picking it up and throwing it in the trash. If you are changing the oil in your car be sure to remove it properly instead of washing it away. We can also help get the attention of big business owners and get them to stop dumping their chemical waste into the Trinity River. You can also test the acidity of the water using a water testing kit.
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