One Child Policy in China

By ~ Kyara Leslie

What is the One Child Policy ?

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The One Child Policy was a strict enforced law in China. The law enforced that parents, that were having babies or that already had children could only have one child. The women in the family frequently had a problem with giving up the children. If the women was to keep the child the Chinese Government would have to take 200,000 yuan in american money it is worth 31,250 dollars in American money.

How is The One Child Policy Affecting the age ?

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The child policy if effecting the ages in China because half of the population in china was fully of over aged people . This affects working conditions in China because the elderly people wouldn't be able to work. Which then the people wouldn't be able to to have children to take care of them. The chinese at the time didn't understand that new blood in the country would allow them to have multiple jobs throughout the country with works than could meet there standards .

Gender Raito

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The gender ratio in China is very unbalanced. The count of baby boys are 117.7 are counted against every 100 girls. Most people in China felt like they should keep the boys rather than girls. They chose the boys because they wanted to carry on the family name and they thought that males were superior. How would that be ? If the family wanted them to carry on the family name you would have to be married which then there arent alot women.

When the policy Started/Ended ? Why ?

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The One Child Policy was introduced in 1979. The Policy ended in 2015. This was started because of the high Population in China. The country thought that if they made a rule about helping them lower the reproduction of many other children. The law ended because they were scared that economy would fail . Since there was a lot of older age people they had no one to work. When law was denforced all married couples could have children, till this day.