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drew kubicki 6th

about me

somethings i like to do are hunt fish and ride my fourwheeler. i like to spend time wih my friends and have a good time. i goto school at varina high. i like to goto to mud bogs and parties. this is some stuff about me.

one reason i made this page is to show people what i do. then they can tell me if im doing to much or to little. they can look at it and get ideas. they can comment on my stuff and contact me. these are some reasons why i made this page.

6 word memoir:

grew up on old dirt roads.

iam like the color red becuase i could love you or hate you

favorite quote- good things come to those who wait - american proverb

bio poem

antiogonie boipoem


im rebel, curagouse, bold

iam brother of etocles

lover of war

who feels hate

who needs death who fears mortality

who gives nothing

resident of thebes

self reliance essay

someone once said "everything in life is a choice ". People have the need to follow their own thoughts. People should seek guidance because bad things could happen and some people are too young to make their own desicions.