Totally Awesome Explorers from SC

Jade Barron 3C

Hernando De Soto

De Soto is a explorer for Spain he searched for gold and slaves. Hernando De Soto explored flordia. He accomplished traveling all over the southeastern US looking for riches.De Soto did not have a successful settlement.
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Jean Rebault

  • France
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Juan Pardo

Juan Pardo explored for Spain he wanted to find new land. He explored Paris island and built a settlement called Santa Elena.Pardo had a successful settlement.
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Henry Woodward

Henry Woodward explored for England and he wanted to become friends with the native americans so he could trade animal fur.He explored Georgia,Alabama,Tennesse,and South Carolina.Woodward and the creek had successfully eliminated all the spanish missions along the coast he had a successful settlement
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William Hilton

Hilton explored for england he wanted to find land with good soil, rivers, and trees. He explored Hilton head island and carolina coast. He found a land with rich soil,rivers,and trees he had a successful settlment.
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