Lakeview Guided Inquiry Update

Kindergarten: How Can I Take Care of the World?


We have only just begun our Guided Inquiry Unit with our 2 kindergarten classes. The unit as a whole will last about 6 weeks (up until the week before the last week of school).

Focus Topic: Taking care of the world

Expected Student Choices: Environmental/Science and Community/Humanities

Each student has an inquiry journal, which we are using in every phase of our unit.


We had students illustrate how they currently take care of the world as the front page in their inquiry journal. This is being used as a pre-assessment tool. We plan to have students draw another illustration with the same prompt question at the end of this unit to reflect on their learning.

We also went on a picture walk of various photographs around the world. We discussed whether they showed the world being taken care of or not, then we had students sort those pictures into the two categories (as seen above).

We've included some pictures of the students work below. It was so interesting that some students already knew how to take care of the world, while others weren't quite sure what that meant.


During this phase, we invited several guest speakers to present to each class for 10 minutes about what they do. Each speaker answered the question "How do you take care of the world?" Students completed a sentence stem and drew a picture of their answer in their inquiry journals. You can see some examples below.

We made sure to invite a variety of speakers that represented the environmental science as well as the community aspect of helping the world. Here are some of the speakers who have come:

  • Weather Man
  • Firefighter
  • Food Bank Worker
  • Small Business Owner
  • Local Artist
  • Conversation Officer
  • Wild Care
  • Sanitation Worker

What's Next?

Explore- Inquiry logs with Kinder??? Yes!

Identify- Organizing books and thoughts using mind maps!

Gather- Reading and taking notes in small groups. THEN hands-on learning centers!