The Interupter's film Analysis

By Bryson Booker P2

purpose of the film

This film follows a local Chicago land activist group, The Interrupter's and their attempts to inspire individuals to make a 360 degree turn around in order to make a change in their society. The film uses dramatic scenes of violence that highlight what these local communities in the city face everyday. It also showcases a powerful group of mediators apart of the organization who offer advice and motivate these individuals that struggle with violence to make a change in themselves. All of the events in the film are real and are depicted as such without compromise making the goal of the movie easy to achieve.


The main goal of The Interrupters' was to persuade the viewer to stand up and stop the violence in our local streets.

The main purpose in the film is acomplished by:


I believe the main purpose of The Interrupter's was to inspire the viewer to stop the violence and make a change in society. This was successfully accomplished by the great role models highlighted in the film and constant use of visual examples that accurately portray the violence in the city of Chicago. Finally the film encourages the viewer to determine their worth, and have a firm belief in themselves that they can make a difference in their society. Overall the film is truly a gem, and will be remembered for generations. Each new individual that watches it will be greatly inspired.
Interrupters - Documentary Movie Trailer (2011) HD