Cataract Eye Surgery Clinic

Resume Normal Vision After Painless Cataract Surgery In Mumbai

Summary: Especially common among the ageing, clouding of vision by a film called a cataract hampers the usual daily activities. Why should you live with such a handicap when cataracts are nowadays removed without a fuss within a few minutes? A tiny lens is inserted that lasts through a lifetime, and it is not too unaffordable either with millions undergoing the safe treatment.

The cataract eye surgery clinic has achieved the impossible in restoring the light of vision to numerous suffering citizens. Everybody has heard about the cataract phenomenon though few know the details until they get to experience it. Be convinced of the efficacy of the authentic treatment that really works and would rid you of vision loss once and for all. Medical science has gifted humanity many great wonders and the techniques of cataract surgery mumbai need to be studied carefully. What would convince you? Maybe patients who have successfully completed the procedure can assure of the truth. The fact remains that thousands undergo the procedure each month. No controversies exist regarding the success of this treatment except a few small risks.

Particularly associated with the aged, the eyesight gradually grows weak, maybe double or multiple images appear, as a result of that cataract that prevents light from reaching the retina. Heredity and certain diseases also give rise to cataracts. Sensitivity to light may occur and night driving could be dangerous. If the problem worsens, contact the eye specialist in Mumbai at dadar. People are very scared of surgery but this procedure is simple enough, performed under anesthesia.

Besides detailed eye checkups including scans to decide curvature and length for selecting the intraocular lens, you should be in good health. Cardiac problems, hypertension and diabetes need to be controlled. After the microsurgery that takes ten minutes, all you feel is irritation, redness and watering that may last a few days. You need no bed rest and can work normally the next day. Eye drops would be used for some weeks.

Since everybody is naturally concerned about the cost factor, a variety of options exist at the cataract surgery clinic and that depends upon the intra-ocular lens that is inserted. MICS (micro-coaxial phaco-emulsification) represents the new technique that requires a 2.2 mm incision through which the lens is inserted. Phaco-emulsification uses ultrasound to break up the cataract into tiny bits that are drawn out of the eye. Mono-focal IOLs have limited capacity for good vision and multi-focal IOLs would be better but are costlier.

While considering the cost factor, it is important to remember that it is a once in a lifetime operation. Besides, costs have reduced nowadays and are far more affordable in Mumbai compared to prohibitive costs abroad. The cost of the operation and the lens could add up to Rs. 35,000 but a lot of variation could exist between clinics. Very few chances of things going wrong exist and certainly not at all like the cosmetic surgeries that have failed on numerous occasions. A few risks need to be considered like glaucoma, infection and bleeding but you need to consider the millions that successfully recovered the heavenly light of vision to bless their days.