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September 19 - 23

The Shady Brook Vision and Mission Statement

Knowledge Informs and Determines Success for Students

The Mission of Shady Brook Elementary is to provide a safe environment to instill positive character traits and educate all students for success today and tomorrow.

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Important SBE Events to Remember:

9/19 6 Stones Black & Blue Food Drive

9/21 Bus Emergency Evacuation Training (See schedule below.)

9/22 Math Parent University - 5:30

9/22 "Here's the Scoop" PTA Mtg. - All staff to come and be introduced to families - 6:30

9/27 Kindergarten SPARK Mtg. - 5:30

9/30 End of the 1st Six Weeks

9/30 Fall Picture Day (See schedule below.)

10/3 After School Tutoring Begins

10/5 Elementary Parent Conference Day

10/10 District PD Day - No classes for students

10/11 False Alarm Gang - Bedford Fire Dept. (K - 3 8:30/4 - 6 9:30)

10/13 5th Grade Field Trip to Amon Carter Museum

10/13 Homeroom Parent Mtg. - 6:30

10/18 Student Birthday Celebrations - PTA

10/18 Fall Fitness Night - 5:30

10/20 PTA Staff Appreciation - "Our Staff is a - Maize- ing!"

10/24 - 10/28 Red Ribbon Week

10/28 Popcorn/Coke/Hat Day

10/31 Storybook Character Dress-up day for students and staff


That is how much it will now cost if "False Alarm" 911 phone calls are made. We received a bill earlier this week. While I know this will not be easy to do, please make sure that you monitor the students that are using the phones to call home. Sometimes they try to call long distance and this leads to accidentally dialing 911. Long distance phone calls cannot be made from classrooms phones so they should not have to dial 9-1.

Thank you so much for your help with this!

Upcoming Meetings:

9/19 Shannon to Ad. Bldg. for 15-16 Final Appraisal

9/20 Lisa to Counselor's Mtg.

9/21 Denise to Secretaries Mtg.

9/22 Shannon to Technology Steering Committee Mtg.

9/23 Melissa to IS Mtg.

9/27 Shannon to PTA Presidents' Luncheon

9/28 Shannon to Principals Mtg.

9/29 Retired Teachers Association to talk to SBE staff (Very Brief Meeting)

10/4 Shannon to HEB P.L.A.N. Mtg.

10/6 Shannon to present SBE Priority STAAR Presentation to Admin.

10/11 Ande to Nurse's Mtg.

10/12 Shannon to Instructional Mtg.

10/19 Clarence to AP Mtg.

10/21 Melissa to IS Mtg.

10/21 Blockout Mtgs.

10/24 Blockout Mtgs.

10/26 Shannon to Principals Mtg.

Testing Information:

9/19 - 10/4 Reading 3D BOY WIndow

9/26 - 10/7 COGAT Testing Window

9/27 CBA 1 Science

10/4 Math CBA 1 Grades 3 - 6

10/7 Data Talk: Science CBA 1 Grade 5

10/14 Data Talk: Math CBA 1 Grades 3 - 6

10/18 Math CBA 1 Grade 2

10/18 Reading CBA 1 Grades 3 - 5

10/25 Data Talk: Reading CBA 1 Grades 3 - 5

10/25 Data Talk: Short Cycle Assessment Check-in Grade 6

10/27 Data Talk: Math CBA 1 Grade 2

Shady Brook University

Upcoming Sessions. . .

I am so excited that we have had such an overwhelming response to our request for topics that you would like for us to address. We have a great problem! The areas that are being mentioned are topics that we feel don't need to wait until later in the school year because you could use the information early on. So, we need your input, should we:

  • Have additional SBU opportunities on a different day after tutoring (possibly a 4 - 5 or 4 -6 session (knowing that some people may not be able to be there right at 4:00)? Still offered here on campus.

  • Have a few Saturday SBU opportunities. Maybe from 9 - 11 here at SBE on occasional Saturdays?

  • Do you have any thoughts/ideas that would help us to best meet your needs in this area?

Again, I am so excited about this and I am thrilled that you all are excited as well!

Join us Thursday, October 20th for the following sessions:

CHAMPS - Do you want to learn more about CHAMPS? Is CHAMPS working in your classroom? Come learn more about to be successful with CHAMPS and Positive Behavior Supports!

Eric Jensen - Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind - We've done a book study on Eric Jensen's Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind, but now we know more. Melissa, Lydia and Monica attended a training in San Antonio and have some great strategies and information to share on how to help students in poverty be successful!

Kudos to. . .

  • The Sunshine Goal Team for calling a meeting when they noticed there was some information they needed to finalize to begin the year!
  • The Math Goal Team for calling a meeting to finalize information about our first Math Parent University as they noticed it was needed.
  • Melissa Hassell for putting salt in the salt shakers! It's the little things that make a difference! Submitted by Tracy Newton
  • Nurse Ande Richey! She is ALWAYS so calm, cool and collected during high needs medical situations with students! We are so thankful that she is with us!
  • Nurse Richey, Kelly Statz, Melissa Hassell, Lisa Evans, Stephanie Billings, Denise Campbell, Rachel Metcalf, Tobin Hodges, Carol Gray (and crew) and the 5th Grade teachers! Oh my goodness! Thank you for jumping right in when we had a high number of students that came in and were feeling overheated! Everybody jumped right in to provide the best care for the students! Talk about a team effort!

All of you! I am so proud to be a Shady Brook Shetland with each and every one of you! Thank you for being such a team. You make such a difference because of your team mindset! Thank you!


Apex Fun Run Update

  • It was a great, hot, tiring, full of smiles, hot, tiring, full of laughter, exciting, hot, tiring day! Thank you to everyone for your work to make today's event great! I'll keep you posted on the our final numbers.
  • We will do the Principal's Challenge on Monday because I will be out at a training tomorrow. :)

Technology Corner. . .

Ink - There has been ink ordered for the desktop printers. We are currently out of black ink, but we do have some color ink if needed.

Are there certain technology trainings that you would like to see happen? Let Melissa or I know! Melissa is meeting with Casey Phelps tomorrow to talk about some of the needs that have already been mentioned.

Happy Birthday to. . .

9/18 Lamarr Williams

9/19 Tobin Hodges

9/26 Clarence Scott

9/28 Jamie White

9/19 Lauren Power

10/3 Rachel VanKleef

11/1 Mary Lou Violette

11/5 Lisa Evans

11/9 Leslie Krueger

11/16 Sherry Uribe

**Please let me know if you don't see your birthday for September so that I can add that information.**

Upcoming DUE DATES


  • 9/19 Lesson Plans due in the Shared Folder
  • Self-reflection (do not have to submit answers): How can high quality, well-planned lesson plans create stronger instruction for your students?


  • Time Cards due to Denise at the designated time.

Team Leaders

  • Team Minutes due to the assigned administrator each Monday for the previous week. We will respond to these weekly and get them back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Goal Teams

  • Goals Team meetings will be called as is needed for your specific goal team content. If we have not set up a meeting for you all, but your team feels that they need to meet please just let us know. Melissa and I will also communicate closely with the teams. When your team meets, please be sure to submit the minutes from your meetings. We will use the same form as last year. Please let Melissa know if you need the template for the minutes. As always, let me know if you have any questions.

News you need to know!

Sibling Dismissal in the Afternoon - Please be reminded that older siblings are supposed to go to the waiting area of their youngest sibling and all stand together. This will prevent cars from stopping multiple places in the front circle to pick up families of kids. Please remind your neighbors. If disruptive behavior arises from the older student then please let us know so that we can help with this. Also, please remind parents that this is not a time for parent conferences as we need to keep the traffic line moving. Let them know that you are more than happy to call them. Thank you!

Tutoring - Beginning the first week of October, everyone should be tutoring one day a week. In February we will begin tutoring two days a week. The bus will begin in October. If you choose to tutor more days you may do so. Something to consider: How are you going to get the most bang for your buck with tutoring? Is your tutoring going to be most effective by offering a "pre-teach" during that time? Are your tutoring plans as targeted and specific as your daily classroom plans?

Detention - The sign-up sheet is posted (for Sept. - Dec.). I will post Jan. - May some time in November. As soon as the necessary slots are filled we will begin detention. Important Notice: There will not be a bus available until the 2nd week in October. Please turn all detention forms in to Clarence the Tuesday before the detention date (i.e. turn in forms 9/20 for students attending detention on 9/21).

Istation - It's open!

Bus Evacuation Schedule - Please take note of this schedule posted below. If you are new to SBE and have not participated in this drill before, please see Clarence for specific information regarding this training. This schedule is also posted in the Shared Folder along with the link to the video that will need to be shown prior to the bus evacuation practice.

Fall Picture Schedule - This schedule is also posted below. Let Clarence know if you see anything that will not work due to scheduling conflicts. Thank you!

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