Add your voice. Change your library.

What is the Teen Advisory Board (TAB)?

We want to give our library an extreme makeover. The RCHS Teen Advisory Board is an opportunity for you to add your voice to what changes we make to the RCHS media center: what materials we add, what services we provide, and the cool stuff we can get. In a series of meetings throughout the year, you get to speak up about what you want in the media center; help us shape it into a brand new space.

Where/when does it meet?

We will meet in the media center approximately twice a month, immediately after school. Our first meeting will be determined after we finish forming the TAB.

How many people are on the TAB?

We will be contacting 3-4 students from every grade level to join the TAB, based on your application.

What's in it for me?

1. A chance to make our media center the library you (and your classmates) want and deserve.

2. The chance to SPEAK UP: The library is for YOU, and we want YOUR ideas, suggestions, and opinions.

3. Cookies at every meeting, plus door prizes at the first meeting!

Okay, I like cookies. Where do I apply?

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