Delirium Times Daily

By Anna Hayes

Wedenesday 9/3/64


Advertisement Of The Day

Five and Dime Mart- Where Lena Works

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Conflicts In The News

A very important problem has arose just yesterday about border crossings. If you see any strange or unusual behavior you need to contact 1-800-Deliria. People are coming from the Wilds in groups or individually. So watch out carefully for your family and the people around you.

Another important topic to discuss is the regulators are doing their monthly raid. So everyone be prepared for that. Make sure your loved ones do not go out on September 5th. MARK YOU CALENDERS!

Feature Article

Conflicts (External)

Lena vs. Hana- Lena finds out about Hana's rebellious acts and confronts her resulting in a fight.


Lena vs. Lena- Lena is trying to accept that she is in love and that the government has lied to the people.

Alex vs. Alex- Alex debating whether he should tell Lena about him being an invalid.


Symptoms Of Amor Deliria Nervosa.

Dear Editor,

Im in need of help. My daughter has been showing symptoms of Deliria. She has been leaving early and coming home late. Also, she is refusing to eat, and complaining about difficulty breathing. Help!



Dear Jennifer,

I recommend going to see someone immediately! It sounds like your daughter is in STAGE 3. Difficulty breathing and refusal to eat are both symptoms(Book of shhh...). You need to get her cured immediately!

Best of luck to you.

New Delirium Movie Coming Out!

Delirium Movie Review

I obtained early access to see the new movie Delirium. The plot of the movie was fantastic. The characters in the movie were played well by some of the best known actors. Zac Efron plays Alex a rebellious teenager who falls in love with the character Lena. Lena is played by Lucy Hale an uncured teenager who finds herself with a disease she feared all of her life. Hanna the best friend of Lena is a teenager that lost herself to bad influences played by Ashley Benson. The three main characters fight against all odds to find themselves. An overall great movie to see as a family. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Delirium Movie Characters

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