Jane cat

By Tyler saladrigas

About death

Manner of death is accidental death. The cause of death was head trama and blood loss with a broken jaw. The cat doesn't have livor mortis cause it has fur. The cat got rigor mortis about the 2 to 3 day. The decomposition is pretty fast because of all the little bugs and the weather.

Days of decomposition

Day 1- It's 48 degrees. Cat died between 2 to 4 in the morning on March 2, 2015.

Day 2- The cat feels heavier the second day on March 3, 2015. The cat has a broken leg and has a broken jaw that possibly caused death.

Day 3- the weather is hot so it bring the bacteria level up and it will decay faster. Ants are on the cat and eating away.

Day 4- the weather is cold so it will slow down the decay and make bacteria levels go down.

Day-5-6 weekend- the cat started to heart falter cause their was air in it and all the little bugs were eating all the insides

Day 7- the weather is cold and raining. The cat has gotten even flatter cause of all the bugs under it eating insides. The cat went from a bobble to a peace of paper since Friday.

Day 8- the day is cold and the cat is now pretty flat. The cold weather is slowing down the decomposition a little bit.