By: Cristhian Hernandez

Entry #1

The media is all around us; it’s the newspaper that the baby boomers used, the 11 o’clock news, Facebook, even you and me. The media according to the oxford dictionary “Is the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively” Like the definition states, it helps people communicate at a large level much like a global scale. The media can be used positively and negatively. Although it is still open to interpretation media is almost always biased at least to a level because it is being expressed through someone’s point of view which leads to it being in favor of what the informer believes. Being media literate essentially means to take advantage of the fact that it is vast in both information and accessibility

Entry #2

I was unable to maintain the 24 hours without any kind of social media due to the fact that It is required of me to use it for my job to obtain places to which I go to work at. I believe that the media plays a really important role in today's society in a variety of ways ranging from keeping in touch with friends and sharing funny cat videos to informing of events that occurred across the world in real time.

I believe everyone has a different role to play when it comes to the media, for example mine is to be informed and keep others informed not just to post those funny cat videos on the internet

Entry 3

As a generation revolved around the media we usually dont go past the first thing we see. Double checking seems useless to us because of this, we often believe many rumors found online. Regarding with politicians we often only rely on the propaganda to base our opinions.

Before starting a conversation on a fact that i learned on the media i usually just rely on something that sounds right and one or two google searches to make it a fact in my eyes.

Entry 4

The passage reflects todays society in regards to our similar life style. We all live an ordinary life, watch same shows, do same jobs, follow same routine. We are all pushed for the same road in life.Social media, sports, movies and reality tv all impact with the way we view modern society. Almost all the time we see propaganda on the internet that blocks our view of more important news in the world. The only thing we see on TV is reality TV other than actual news which ironically reality TV is not even true TV.

Entry 5

The Bacon's rebellion makes it so powerfull because it was the first rebellion in

Entry 6

They both gained gained information from a ccorrupt government and using this information they revvealed the overuse of survailance and and unwarranted use of persobal information, however in 1984 there was no way that he could of have revealed without disapearing at night or fight back from the government. IN contrast Snowden had a chance of fighting back against the government which is why hes still alive

Entry 7

In my opinion O brien is a villan. not only because he knew how the government was treating the people but also he tricked winston into believeing that he was on his side and was willing on helping him. However winston was definitelly a victim because he was tricked into following the government procedures not knowing the truth behind everything.

Entry 8

My opion on media literacy hass changed and deapened, not only have this books influenced my way of thinking but they have also changed how i use the media. When i go online, i always check to see wheather or not the information that i am receiving is true because thruought this course i have learned that not everything that is on the internet is true even when its from some place that most people would trust. Many people often don't even realize that even big networks can have the wrong information. It is always a good thing to double check sources. This class has been different in the way that it did in fact revolve around things that i will need when i grow up since it tought me how to stay informed. I believe that more discussions and group work could help improve this class because we get to understand more people's point of view

Entry 9

We as people should try to not be as focused on electronics in general and although we use social media we never really use it to socialize with others physically, Most people just talk to people online and that is what they call socializing now but in reality we are all loosing touch with others. we have stopped reading books and going to parks and talking with each other because we now just read texts go to the fridge and eat alone.