Joshua Wong Chi - Fung

By: Marcus Gomez

Early Life

  • Joshua Wong was Born October 13, 1996
  • Joshua Wong was born in Hong Kong in 1996, and was diagnosed with dyslexia soon after.
  • The son of middle-class couple Grace and Roger Wong, Joshua was raised as a Protestant Christian.
  • His family partially awoke his social concern, as Joshua's father often took him to visit the underprivileged classes, telling him he should care about them.

Work for Society

  • Joshua Wong studied at the united Christian College in Kowloon East, and he started taking an active role in society in Hong Kong at a young age.
  • May 29, 2011, Joshua Wong and his schoolmate Ivan Lam established scholarism, a student activist group.
  • Joshua Wong received widespread attention in 2012 when he led the organization to protest against moral and national education.
  • September 27, 2014, Joshua Wong was one of the 78 people arrested by the Hong Kong police during a massive pro democracy protest.
  • After hundreds of students stormed the HKSAR government headquarters in a push for political rights and as a sign of protest against Beijing's decision on the 2014 Hong Kong electoral reform
  • However, unlike most of those arrested who were freed soon afterwards, Joshua Wong remained in custody for about two days, until his release on Sunday evening. Joshua Wong is involved in the movement for the inclusion of civic nomination in the 2017 election.

In the Media

Joshua Wong giving a speech in Hong Kong. Occupy Central Protest for Democracy