FHSD Creates

Wednesday, April 6th

A Wonderful Day!

Our students did a fantastic job at our FHSD Creates! It is challenging to meet a new group of people, quickly familiarize yourself with them and collaborate to solve different problems. They all represented Daniel Boone and your families well! As always, I was so proud to be their teacher.

Thank You to Our Parent Volunteers!

A special thanks to Ken Sellenriek, Steve Cassells, Kati Smith, Jennifer Bouquet, and Julie Smith for volunteering their time and skills with our event. They did a fantastic job transporting everyone safely to the event, assisting with supervision and judging the hard work of students. It is so difficult to not jump in and 'do' for the students when they are struggling, but they did a fantastic job coaching their tables. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us!