Media Literature

What's Media Combined With Literature ?

Smore #1

Media literature is the new way of learning for the modern time . Its using the social media and internet to connect with those all over the world to share technology and history . People using social media for learning purposes and also a easier way to connect with the younger generation due to the fact that the children always are on social media websites . It makes it easier for those to get to information alot quicker because children will always use their phones and computers for everything . Media literature makes people connect with each other from all over the country to share information , breaking news and in other information that needs to shared .

“ V For Vendetta Précis “

Smore #2

V , a character in “ V For Vendetta “ preformed a speech , placing somewhere off in the future ; to imply everyone should think more for themselves . V literates how the people should’ve never authorize the government to obtain that much power , points out the people that are oppressed by the government , and describes why there hasn’t been a call to action . V justification in the speech is to indicate that England is in complete shambles , disorder , and havoc ; due to the fact there isn’t anything in a dystopia compares to a utopia . V addressed England and society in general with an accoutered , solemn , and stimulation .


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Smore #3

Macbeth was very easily persuaded and controlled and his greed for power caused him to have a great amount of ambition. So he was willing to do whatever he needed to to make sure no one would interfere with that. After he took part in those actions his cautions played a big part in his " drastic fall " with everything. Macbeth pretty much murdered himself with his actions. Speaking in rhetorical terms , not meaning he committed suicide , but saying that his actions , greeds , and wants have lead him to making some decisions that lead to his death.

Defining A Hero

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Smore #4

A Anti-Hero is a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes. An Anti-hero is not your typical hero because he doesn't always possess purely good qualities or personality traits.

Macbeth would be considered a tragic hero due to King Duncan praising him for his military skills but Macbeth let his ambitions get in the way of that. Macbeth would stop at nothing to make sure anyone who was a threat to him and his throne had to be deceased. Those ambitions led to the downfall of Macbeth being decapitated.

For example, V lived in a corrupt government where you had a curfew, no freedom of speech, and everyone feared the government. V had to stand up against the government and persuade the citizens of London to fight back. Which led to a successful uprising of the government being overthrown.