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Opinions on Meida

I think that in general, “media” refers to various means of communication. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper are different types of media. You can also associate the word “media” with the press and news reporting agencies. In the computer world “media” refers to different types of data storage. I think the news reporting media has a powerful influence on the people of the world. Since people can’t get around witnessing events firsthand, they rely on the media to give them the information about those events. Of course, the information given to the people by the media is not always true or could be exaggerated at times. However, since people do not know when the media is lying to them, they can easily be manipulated to think what the media wants them to think. This is why the media has so much power. I have taught myself over the years to not believe the media because many of their stories tend to be farfetched. Many of smart individuals have followed in my footsteps. In general, my opinion of the media is that it is very manipulative and that it preys on the ignorant. I feel like it corrupts and hides the truth from the people who deserve to know it. But I cannot argue with the fact that it has helped mankind develop in many ways not thought possible. It has connected the world with each other and news can be spread from continent to continent. The media definitely has its pros and cons.

Super Bowl Ad

In the Axe Super Bowl commercial, “Make Love Not War,” it features various country’s military’s around the world. The commercial shows soldiers and military leaders about to use some type of violent measure of action when it twists and instead the soldiers show affection to the people they were about to attack. To be more specific, they kiss, hug, and hold hands. All actions associated with love. The message they are trying to portray is that instead of making war, people should make love. Turn our acts of violence into acts of affection and become more loving to the people around the world. The company attempts to make viewers to use their product so that they feel like they are making a difference in the world. It hits the emotional side of our feelings and targets teenagers mostly.

Walking Slow; Live Forever

Osama Mansour - Coolest Guy

PEACHTREE RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL - A recent study shows that high school students who walk slower to get to classes have higher average test scores than normal-speed walking students. You read correctly folks, students that tend to be tardy more often and take their leisurely time getting from point A to point B in their high schools are generally smarter and their grade point averages certainly prove it.

Those kids that always walked slowly in front of you, making you tardy to your classes, are actually people you should look up to. Hang out with them, become a tortoise yourself and let their genius rub off on you. They do say that slow and steady wins the race!

Gwinnet County Public School systems state, "Our favorite students are the ones who are consistently showing how dedicated they are to their educated by arriving to nearly every single class late." So let's keep this trend going strong and remember to walk slow!!

Air Plane Hoax

There has been speculation about who invented the flying plane, but such an incident has never occurred. Whoever thought of such a preposterous idea? People actually believed that some kind of machine can fly and defy the very laws of nature? This story is nothing more than wishful thinking. It’s always been a long aspired human goal to attain the ability to fly, but sadly, gravity and the lack of wings have and will always, prevent us from doing so. Rumors have been going about that two brothers who go by the name of Orville and Wilbur Wright have built their own so called “flying machine” but there is no evidence supporting those claims.

As we look in our history books that have been professionally written by the country’s top Historians, The only significant mobile invention created this century was the automobile. Since those times of when the automobile was invented, we have still been improving on this invention as it is still not entirely reliable. With that being said, how can we even think about building something that can fly if we still haven’t mastered ground transportation? Once we have become adept in our natural field, we may then begin thinking about greater possibilities.

If anyone were to invent a great flying machine, it would be none other than Big Brother. He is the only individual with the mechanical sophistication needed to even think about such a project. No one with a lower education then our great leader can do such a thing. It is the same as asking a monkey to build a boat; they would be too stupid to figure out that a piece of wood could even float. This is further evidence that such a flying machine was never invented because no one knows more than the great Big Brother.

In order to build a flying machine, wouldn’t the Wright Brothers have needed, I don’t know, some feathers, maybe? You see, birds can fly because they are light weight and have feathers! If humans were to build a machine, which would have a giant engine to power it, it would be too heavy to leave the ground without some kind of forklift to pick it up. An automobile on average weighs around half a ton, so think of how heavy of flying machine would weigh. You would need more power to keep it afloat, and a lot of power means you need a bigger engine. A larger engine would mean no flying!

This speculation of a flying machine is all a hoax and no such thing has or ever will exist. The evidence against these rumors is too great to overlook and hope otherwise. Big Brother would be very unpleased to figure out people were harboring such false hopes against his will, so partake in keeping the peace by discarding such beliefs as soon as possible. It is within everyone’s best interest to never speak of “air planes” or “flying machines” ever again. Remember, Big Brother Is Watching You.


I chose the Wright Brothers and how they invented an air plane because i think its a very significant piece of history that is well known to the majority. Hiding something this important is something that i see Big Brother doing in the book 1984

1984 reaction

1984 captivated my imagination in many ways. It also made me realize the dim reality we live in. The book and the real world are astonishingly similar and almost made me feel as if our world will sooner or later turn into the world of 1984. Orwell was way ahead of his time when he was writing this book, he truly foresaw the dangers of technology and a power abusing government. The book almost gives me nightmares when you begin to comprehend how much of a grip the government has on their people. The government controls absolutely everything about the people they govern, even their thoughts and emotions. Some may think that this story is a prediction of what might become of our society in the current day. I am one of those people who fear that eventually we will succumb to the horrors and control of an overly powerful leader or government.

Media Literacy

What I've Learned

Media literacy has taught me many things that I truly value. I learned how much social media can affect people and how the internet can be like a tattoo to a person. I also learned how media can revolutionize the way we can communicate with each other around the world. The vast amount of positives and the vast amount of cons that come with the entirety of the internet astounded me and has made me thirsty for more knowledge about what humans are capable of as a race. Media literacy as a language arts class was immensely different than previous language arts classes I have taken. Media literacy taught me modern things that I could actually relate to. It has taught me things I need to know and be able to use in life. Media literacy is an excellent class to be introduced to students in high school and maybe even in middle school because of the vast importance of the knowledge it shares. Other language arts classes would only teach you about certain books and much of the time those books wouldn’t relate to anything in the modern day as they were really old books. I think that most language arts classes should become more modern and teach us things that we would use in our lives. The only thing that I think should be done to make the class a better experience and a little bit more information-feeding would be to hold the classes in a computer lab instead of a regular classroom. I found that our class was always in a constant struggle to find a computer room to use and none were available then it would hold us back from our learning experience. Overall the class was absolutely wonderful and the information I have gathered from it will follow throughout my life.