12 Days of Stella!

This is my favorite time of year....

Welcome to the 12 Days of Stella!

For the next 11 days, look for an email with a daily challenge! Complete the challenge and enter to win on our Facebook wall. There will be one winner per day! Ready, Set, Go!

Day One:

Join our team Facebook page!

Already on it?

Comment on our Facebook page and tell us your "why" in three sentences or less.

Bonus! (if you have a team)

Invite your teams to our Facebook Page. Please check if they are all here by clicking "SEE ALL" on the Dixie Dazzlers Facebook page.


Post a ♥ on our Facebook wall. (do this by typing <3) and Please post the date and your efforts and results.

There will be 1 draw per day! 24 hours to complete.

Prize for Day One!

I'll send you our fabulous Joy candle. Haven't tried it? Now's your chance!