Alfred Nobel


Who used this wonderful invention

Most people that used this invention were miners .This was used for blowing up mountains to try to find ores and/or other useful materials .Some people loved to use this invention to clear out land to make it flat .
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Miners Using Dynamite

What is Dynamite made of?

Dynamite is made of a protective coating shaped as a cylinder .Nitroglycerine soaked sawdust is then filled into the cylinder and closed up with a blasting cap and a wick .This is a highly dangerous job you could make a very easy mistake and you could die .

What Are Some Other Things That Alfred Invented?

Alfred also invented nitroglycerin and the nobel prize .The nobel prize is a award given out to scienctist and inventors . The medal is given by president's and by queens .Its highly rare you could get this award .

Why was Alfred considered a great inventor of the Industrial Revolution?

Alfred was considered to be a great inventor of the industrial revolution beacuse while the industrial revolution was going on, miners worked but they had to mine every thing they found.So while they were mining Alfred was inventing. When Alfred was finaly done with the invention miners rushed to get the wonderful new contraption .

The Early Life of Alfred Nobel

Alfred was born in October 21, 1833 in Stockholm Sweden. His father was and inventor and builder while his Mom raised there children. His Dad moved to Russia to rise himself in business while the children were young. When Alfred was 5 he followed his father. His father was successful and when the whole family went to Russia their standard of living was higher! Education was important and Alfred had private tutors for school. Alfred had his fathers goals in mind to invent and make things different. At age 17, Alfred started to travel the world but came back to work in his father's factory. Many times, Alfred was ill and was sickly. He believed in different ways to help heal himself.Methods of water, heat and etc.

The Old Ages of Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel started experimenting with nitroglycerin in 1860. In 1864, Alfred blew his workspace with nitroglycerine killing his brother and injuring his mother and father.In a year he finally got it right. He tested it it was perfect. But sadly he died 4 years on December 10th 1869 at the age of 36 after he got it all right. Alfred died with 31 million dollars[Today it would be about 265]. We will always remember what he did for the human race. Tranportation issues would certainly be different for all of us and it would affect us in many ways.

I would like to end my presentation with a quote from Alfred:

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