An explanation of why education is an issue.

Education in your life

Education is a good thing to bring through your life because once you get a good education you will find a good job to work for.We must achieve meaninful reform in our education system.

Education is a dream

Education to some people is a dream. Higher education is becoming at once more important and more affordable to some people that can afford it.


Barack obama says that "I want to say the goals behind and no children left behind were admirable.
Newt Gingrich opinion is "I think that education should be the first civil right of the 21st century and to help all americans get ahead.
My opinion is that education will bring good things to your life and many things will happen good, because you have a good education and your children will be more happy because they have more things that they didnt have when you did afford it when you did not go to school to get an education and a good job.