Branchburg Central Middle School


I am very pleased to introduce myself to the BCMS family. I have been an educator at the middle school level for eleven years, and I thoroughly enjoy working with this demographic of students. The middle school years allow for exponential academic, social, and emotional growth, which prepares students to be lifelong learners and productive members of our society. Prior to working in education, I worked in the private sector in sales for Kraft Foods and then in Hispanic advertising for Saatchi and Saatchi in New York City. Both of these experiences have allowed me to bring valuable corporate knowledge and life lessons into the world of education. Working with middle school students has been and continues to be my most rewarding, exciting, and enriching experience, and I look forward to continuing this journey in a new role.

-Mrs. Jennifer Battista

No Name Calling Week January 20th-24th

Our school will be sponsoring a few events to mark the 11th annual No Name Calling Week. NNCW was inspired by James Howe’s novel The Misfits. In the story, four friends try to survive middle school despite enduring frequent taunts based on intelligence, weight, and sexual orientation. Because of these taunts, the friends create a new political party during student elections, running on the platform of “no name calling.” Motivated by this powerful idea, the NNCW Coalition organized the first No Name Calling Week in 2004. Feel free to click on the link below for more information on this event.

January 21st: “Words Should Heal, Not Hurt”

We will distribute “Words Heal” Band-Aids to all students. The messages written on them symbolize that “words should heal, not hurt.” They encourage students to use positive rather than negative words.

January 22nd: “Put a Lid on Name Calling”

Teachers will distribute stickers with this slogan, and students can wear hats with these stickers on them.

January 23rd: “BCMS is United Against Name Calling” Spirit Day

All students are encouraged to wear BCMS school colors today.

January 24th: “No Name Calling, No Sweat!”

All students are encouraged to wear sweatshirts, sweatpants, or both today.

January 21st-24th: Door Decorating Contest

Each 6th, 7th, and 8th grade team is invited to participate in a team door decorating contest. An esteemed group of judges will evaluate the doors at the end of the day, and one winning team from each grade will be awarded the prestigious “Falcon Cup”!

Please encourage your child to participate in these events.

BCMS Dress Code Reminder

Recently, there has been a surge in the number of students coming to school wearing t-shirts with messages deemed inappropriate for school. Though some of these shirts might be okay for personal use at home, they are distracting and inappropriate for the school environment. As per page 9 of the BCMS Student Handbook, “students who do not meet the dress code outlined” on this page “will need to modify or change their clothing to adhere to the dress code.” Please review these student handbook guidelines and clothing choices with your child to help prevent future dress code violations.