Augusto Pinochet

By Hans Andreasen

Agusto pinochet was a man that was a ruthless dictator whom ruled over Chile for over 25 years. When he was came into office, he immediately banned all leftist parties and soon after the remaining parties were outlawed aswell. 2,279 people who disappeared during the military government were killed for political reasons or as a result of political violence. He shut down parliament, suffocated political life, banned trade unions, and made Chile his sultanate. His government made 3,000 political opponents dissapear, he then arrested and tortured 30,000 civilians.
Uncovering Pinochet's Secret Death Camps

7:41 seconds

In this re-enactment of the underground death camps, you can see how brutal it really was. A man who once worked there bringing food to the political prisioners described how they were beaten to the point where there were bones sticking out of their bodies. Pinochet orderd the prisioners to be tortured then executed by lethal injection. This method of control successfully struck fear into everyone opposing him.

Journal Entry

I have been a prisoner for almost a week now and I have never been more terrified in my entire life. All through the day and night I hear peoples screams as they are tortured. I have lost all hope of being rescued because of the fact that even if my family was to speak out, who would they go to? The police are corrupted and do nothing to stop this. If someone trys to help me they will just be thrown in here aswell. All i can do now is pray that i get to live one more day.


How does one suppress an entire nation for so long and not be stopped?