Austria (European Union)

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History of the Austrian flag

After the third crusade, Duke Leopold V's white tunic became red with blood so the flag is a representation of his tunic.

European Union

Austria joined the Euopean Union in 1995, therefore Austria was not a founder of the EU.

History of Austria

Austria was not part of any country at any point.

It surrounds Geemany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Rupublic.

The geographical features in Austria are mountains and range.


Innsbruck is the fifth largest city with the population at 112,467.


Vienna is the capital of Austria. With the population at 1,691,468.


Schönbrunn Palace is great for tourism, it is Empress Sisi’s former summer residence. You can walk through a park, the Palm House, the zoo, or the "labyrinth".


There are many rivers to the very north and the very south of Austria.

Also most of the terrain in Austria is mountains (the Alps) to the west and to the south.

Lastly, the natural hazards are landslides, avalanches, and earthquakes.


The government type in Austria is a Federal Republic.

A Federal Rupublic is a federation of states with a democratic form of government.


They used the Austrian Schilling prior to the Euro. The Austrian Schilling was replaced by the Euro in 2002.

3 Interesting Facts About Austria

1) Silent Night was written in Oberndorf, Austria

2) Alpine Skiing is the most popular sport in Austria

3) German is the most common language with 88% of the population