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Welcome to the ASHS Media Center

We are rearranging, removing, and refurbishing our library.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Coming to the Media Center
1. What time does the library open and close?
  • 7:45 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
2. What do I need to come to the library?
You need three things to come to he library:
  • ID badge around your neck
  • Planner signed by a teacher
  • Be in dress code
3. May I come to the library without a planner signed by my teacher?
Yes and No:
  • You do not need a planner signed by your teacher before school, during your assigned lunch period, or after school. All other times, you need your planner signed by your teacher.
4. What must I do as soon as I enter the library no matter what time of day it is?
  • You must sign in (and out) every time at the circulation desk.
5. Why do I have to sign in and out of the library?
  • It proves that you were in the library and what times you were in the library. It also helps us to know how much the library is being used and during what times.
1. How many books can be checked out at one time? 2(two)
2. For how long can I check out a book? 2 weeks
3. How do I renew a book? Simply bring the book back to the library before the due date and ask to renew it. Make sure you have your ID badge.
4. What books can I not check out? You may not check out reference books or periodicals.
1. May I buy a replacement ID badge from the library? Yes, you may buy a replacement ID badge and clip from the library. $2.50
1. May I use any electronics in the library (such as my cell phone or my MP3 player)? NO, see student handbook about electronic devices.
2. May I use my cell phone to call/talk to someone in the library? No
3. May I eat or drink in the library? No
4. May I visit the library to do class work or meet with my class group? Yes
5. May I get change (money) from the library? No
6. What will the librarian do if she has to confiscate an item I use in the library (cell phone, electronic devices, etc)? We will write a referral and turn the item in to the office.
1. How do I find out about the online resources/databases that I can use for research at school or at home? You can pick up a database handout from the circulation desk. It has links, descriptions, usernames, and passwords to all of our databases. You may also go to the ASHS Media Center webpage:
ASHS Media Webpage OR ASHS Destiny Circulation

My Value Promises

  • I promise to promote high quality library services to all students, teachers, staff members, parents and community members.
  • I promise to maintain the library collection and develop, manage, and preserve the collection to provide access for all users to the full range of available knowledge and information.
  • I promise to support students, staff members, and parents to become efficient users of ideas and information.
  • I promise to provide a warm and inviting facility for all library patrons.

Media Center Personal

Mrs. Cheryl Fletcher, Media Specialist

Mrs. Latonya Harvey, Media Assistant

Georgia Peach Awards

Georgia Peach Award Winners 2012

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