Byte Sized PD

Learn Technology in 30 Minutes or Less!

Introducing Byte Sized PD

MicroLean a few technology tools to use in your classroom! In this series of short, 30 minute sessions this year, you will have the opportunity to get you familiar with district technology initiatives like Google Classroom. I know there is interest in more technology training, and I am trying to meet your needs. If anything interests you, please register, and I also take suggestions for future classes!

Thank you for 5 minutes of your time today at the Faculty Meeting! The site I used with the timer and random name picker was, and instructions for default programs and browser settings can be found in the Tech. TidByte.

All Sessions are During Conference Periods or After School in B102

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You Can Book Me

Did you know You Can Book Me directly from my website? If you need help, go to my website, click on the Calendar, and complete a short form. I will show up or meet you to help you with what you need. Click on the Image Below to Explore my Page or Book Me.

Please keep in mind this is for learning uses and not technical difficulties that can be handled through an Eduphoria Help Desk Technology Work Order or by calling x6028.