Lost in the Mall Technique

Implanting false memories

Emily McIlvain & Taylor Lambdin

Why did we chose this topic?

We chose it because we thought it was interesting to learn about how easily the human mind can be manipulated. It can help others by helping remember the true traumatic events and push out the false ones.


People's experiences are often misshapen due to false recollection and facts of the event a number of time.


The first experiment was preformed by Elizebeth Loftus and Jacqueline Pickrel, and they attempted to plant the false memory of being "Lost in a mall" as a child into a number of people . The subjects were given a few examples of things the "happened" when they were younger and asked to tell which did and didn't happen. They truly believed that the made up stories provided were true.


  • The reason people create false memories is for survival purposes.
  • Your frontal and temporal lobes are effected during this technique. They are being used the most during these plantations of memories, but also they fail the most.

Other Interesting Stuff

- Ira Hyman, Troy Husband, Kimberly Wade, and F. James Billing are other psychologist that practice these same studies.

  • Examples of things the doctor make you remember
  • Spilling punch on a bride as a child
  • Scary Clowns at birthday parties
  • Hospitalizations as kids
  • Getting lost in the mall as a kid
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