Druid Hills High School

Red Devil Reflections - September 20

Reminder: MAP Makeup Testing Today and Tomorrow - please review emails from Ms. Darden!

Today's Advisement (after 3rd Period)


  • Distribute progress reports
  • Homecoming Court Voting
  • Review Safe Schools information (see message from Mr. Ingram below)
  • Distribute MAP score reports (9th and 10th grades - see message from Ms. Darden below)
  • Distribute DeVry Dual Enrollment information (10th grade)
  • Remind students about tomorrow's Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night Tomorrow

Linner served after dismissal.

6:00 - 6:10 Parents in Theatre

6:16 - 6:30 1st Period

6:36 - 6:50 2nd Period

6:56 - 7:10 3rd Period

7:16 - 7:30 4th Period

Curriculum Night is a required event for Certified staff - absences require prior approval and/or documentation.

Please email Ms. Huffman and me ASAP if you will be in a different class than the one on students' schedules during Curriculum Night.

Homecoming Events

Spirit Wear Days (9/18-22)

Thursday - Twin Day

Friday - DHHS Spirit Wear Day

Friday, September 22 - Click to see revised bell schedule

** If you park on Haygood or the gym parking lot, please plan to park on the field behind Druid Hills on Friday**

1:45 Homecoming Pep Rally

2:30 Homecoming Parade (DHHS Driveway)

Saturday, September 23

Homecoming Dance - volunteers still needed - please see Mr. Palmer, Mr. Gray, or Ms. Roode

Safe School Audit - Action Required for Today's Advisement - from Mr. Ingram

Our District Safety Team (Safe Schools) have begun conducting audits of all schools. Please remember during each day and especially during transition to do the following:

  • Stand at your door and assist in supervising students as they transition to the next class each period.
  • Faculty and staff are also required to actively engage students to move students expeditiously to class.
  • Ensure that all unoccupied and unused interior doors to the classroom, closets, and/or storage rooms remain locked and secure. This also includes portable classrooms.

Let's ensure that we do our part to obtain a perfect score

Additionally, during our advisement tomorrow please use the Powerpoint attachment to review with our students lock-down procedures.

MAP Reports to go home today - ACTION REQUIRED for ADVISEMENT

If you have a fourth period with 9th or 10th graders, please print out MAP scores to go home with progress reports on Wednesday. I am attaching the directions for printing out reports for the entire class. Please make sure the quick reference is given to each student so parents have a guide to reading the reports. Thank you for your assistance. Have a great day!

Media Center Reminder - Ms. Rascoe

Please remember to send students to the Media Center with official passes only. We can not accept students who bring a handwritten note/post-it/index card and we will send students with unofficial passes back to class.

We have received several forged passes lately, as well as students writing their own passes, which the teacher then signs, which often leads to students being added on who are not even in that class. We don't have the time to check the schedule of every single student who comes into the Media Center, or interrupt teaching by calling the teacher, to make sure a handwritten pass is legitimate. Please be sure to include the name of EVERY student you are sending to the Media Center. This is another situation where we end up with tag-alongs who are not supposed to be in the Media Center

For your convenience, I have attached student passes to this email, but passes can also be found via Office 365 > Mail > DHHS Faculty and Staff > Files > Media Center Pass. We will also accept official teacher passes and DHHS student passes.

Thank you for your help in ensuring our students are where they are supposed to be.

RtI Pullouts - from Ms. Darden

We are starting RTI pullouts this week. Ms. White, Ms. Walker, and myself will be working with students in the areas of Math and Reading. Students have received laminated passes to indicate which days and times they are to attend RTI sessions. If it is important that a student not miss class on a particular day, please just send me an email and inform them that they are to remain in class. I am attaching the pullout schedules for your information. Ms. Walker's students report at 8:30 am. Thank you for your assistance. Have a great day!